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U0140 U0001 Limp Mode Acceleration Reduced

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Hi All,

Firstly I like to apologise as no dought I've posted in the Wrong Place and most probably been covered before, but failed so far to find anything specific to my issue any where.

My car is a 1.6 petrol 2008 standard (Not Zetec)

In the last week it either has moment that the Starter wont turn over and with no warnings and then other times with Engine Malfunction Warnings and then other times it will turn fine and fires up perfectly with no Issues and drive for 1/2hr and nothing to other time it then has an engine Malfunction and Acceleration reduced warnings.

I've none Numerous scans with the U0140 BCM (Body control Module Communication issue) being the prime one, It also gave me a U0001 Communications issue the other day, and once in a while I get a P1260 Anti Theft Device test failed.

I've tried my spare key but no difference.

I haven't changed anything Out yet but I've Checked the wiring for the Boot lid and all perfect,

I've Had both Brake switches off and done a switching resistance Make and break check and all good.

I've remove the throttle plugged checked and cleaned.

I've hunted for the BCM and all I find for this model it that its the fuse box in the Passengers foot well, SO I've had it out, checked for damp, checked for corrosion, sat it in a warm room anyway just in case any damp, Checked all the fuses and tested the relays and visually inspected the cabling feeding it.

Is it possible the BCM has failed? or the Imobaliser on the steering column or the throttle pedal maybe?

I'm a little tight for money are most so would rather not just change everything and hope for the best or have to give it to for to replace and reprogram the BCM if its not needed as I can imagine itll cost more than the cars worth.


Hope someone is willing to help or point me to another post.


Thank you so much.



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Whack the dash directly above the instrument cluster. If it all lights up or similar reaction, possibly the dry solder joints within the cluster. Easy job to remove from vehicle and about £100 to have it reconditioned if this is the fault.

often has u1900 dtc among several others which are spurious caused by the can bus failure.

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