Wheel Nuts for Steel Wheels?

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I've got a 2013 Fiesta Titanium with the standard 16 inch alloys, like this:

I'm thinking about getting some steel wheels, and I'm aware that different wheel nuts are sometimes required for steelies. Is there any way to know in advance whether that'll be the case, or does it depend on the wheel that turns up?

Cheers 🙂

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on my previous fiesta mk6.5 the alloy wheel nut were designed to also work on a steel wheel (as the spare was a steel wheel). the alloys were held on by the shoulder on the nut, where the captive washer is. the steels were held on by the bottom of the narrower part of the nut.  I actually changed all of the 15 inch alloys for 175/65/14 steels after damage to three alloys from potholes etc. But annoyingly I could hear the captive washers on the nuts rattling as the washers don't press on anything when the nuts are used on steel wheels. So I stuck the washers in place with silicon bathroom sealant.   so check a nut to see if the bottom is conical shaped to fit into the steel wheel


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