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Hey everyone,

I currently own a 2008 Ford fiesta MK6 style, Iv'e been involved in a recent accident and was wondering where the best place would be to find parts? I'm currently looking for a new bonnet, new windscreen, new font bumper, a left headlight, a new (I think it's called a crash-bar, its the metal that goes along the radiator to protect it) and new side wings. The car seems to drive fine and it is just cosmetic damage

Is there anywhere recommended I can go to for parts as I really don't want to scrap the car! 

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated as I am unsure what to do with it!! Its my prized possession!!



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eBay usually or local breakers. You'd be best getting them from the same car in red so that the colour fade on the panels will blend in a bit more with your existing panels. If you start having to paint bits then it would make the job extremely uneconomical and you'd be best scrapping the car.

In reality it's going to cost not much less than buying an equivalent car. Heck even look for a non-runner in red for £200-300 and take the bits you need and scrap/sell the rest.

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I fixed one in worse condition earlier this year.  It depends how fussy you are really.  You could just bend that wing back into shape.  Replacement bumper and bonnet in any colour from a local scrap yard or ebay/facebook breaker will be cheap.  As will a replacement headlight.  Replacement crash bar should also be cheap, but check the plastic radiator cowling and the rad itself, we had to replace both of those on my mates mk6.  Realistically, the car is worth so little you would be better off buying another one imo.  I take it insurance wasn't involved and it wasn't someone elses fault?

What's broken the windscreen btw?  That's about the only part you can't replace yourself.  It looks fine in the picture though?  If you have glass cover on the insurance that'll only cost £75 excess but if not it'll cost a few hundred.  It's also worth noting that if the A pillars or strut turrets have bent that's a structural issue and the car may not be safe in another accident.

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Great, thanks for getting back to me both, i really appreciate it. i'll take your advice and try find a scrapped car and use the parts from there as well as checking eBay and scrap yards, it's just trying to make sure that they're the same color tone so you can't tell. Would it still be a big and expensive job to get these parts resprayed?

Yeah the accident was my fault and we have decided to settle it outside of the insurance therefore it's not being covered. I plan on taking it to a local garage at the weekend so they can do a thorough check and make sure the A pillars and strut turrets are undamaged and move from there, if they're fine ill keep it and fix the bodywork and if not then i guess ill have to sell for scraps. 

The front windscreen has quite a large crack which is hard to see but noticeable when inside the car so i think it will have to be replaced. Hopefully i can get one of these of an old feista on eBay or something a lot cheaper. 

If it was scrapped how much do you think it'll be worth? 


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