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Fiesta Zetec 1.4 - Spare Wheel Fixing Screw


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Posting for a friend:


just picked up a 60 plate Fiesta Zetec 1.4) for the wife, and trying to fit a spare wheel.

Have sourced a space saver spare 125/80R15 with jack/wheelbrace/wheel nuts etc locally for cheap, and then bought the foam/stowage part (1673161 https://www.fordpartsuk.com/spare-wheel-stowage-box) thinking that would raise the spare up.

However the floor still sags (due to the spacesaver not being tall enough), so think a "donut spacer" is needed, but have no idea of part number. Not sure whether to try and diy something but ideally would like original look if possible.

Also not sure which retaining screw I need, as the one that came with the jack etc isn't long enough (may just be for retaining the jack i think?):

Anybody able to confirm the above? Thanks in advance.

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most of these with a spare wheel normally have a 175/65/14 spare,  which is smaller then the wheels on the car but is not a skinny space saver, it is the wheel size of the standard road wheels on the base model studio spec and the standard road wheel size on all econetic diesels. There has been some debate on here before about the size of the optional spare in these cars and someone from a Ford dealer did confirm that they were 175/65/14 about two or three years ago but it may have varied in different years. So I suspect that your problem with the height (lack of) is that you have a skinny spacesaver wheel and not a 175/65/14

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Thanks for the post @isetta. On the basis that the spare may be the skinny size, would the shorter retaining screw and something like a small plyboard to place over the top be the best way of plugging the gap so to speak?

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