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Car pulling to right - not tracking problem


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I had a flat tyre and drove it 200 yards to get the tyre changed, since then car pulls to the right and steering rack vibrates when gets up to speed.  Garage have changed all tyres still pulls to the right, ,tracking checked and checked again no resolution!  They have checked the suspension again no resolution.  The garage say they are scratching their heads as to what the problem could be it is a14 plate ford fiesta.  Any suggestions please? 

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5 hours ago, natsheff said:

Garage have changed all tyres still pulls to the right,

If not already tried, swap front & back wheels. I assume it was a front tyre went flat, it could have distorted the wheel a fraction. This would be barely noticable if it was on the back.

If not that, next suspects are the camber angle, that is the angle of the steering axis to the vertical, and the castor angle, which makes the steering self centering. These are not normally adjustable, but a damaged suspension bush or bent front strut or shock absorber would cause them. The garage should be able to test the bushes for play, and new front shock absorbers might be the next step, they are wearing parts anyway.

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Have you painted the brake calipers red? 

Adds 15bhp must do both sides before driving otherwise it torque steers like a greased pig.

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