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Fiesta MK7 Front Upgrade


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Hay, I have a 2011 pre facelift fiesta mk7 Zetec s, I wanted a facelift model but couldn't afford one so am looking into upgrading my pre face lift to a facelift model, has any one done this? do you have any words of advice, so fare I think I will need a bonnet, headlights and bumper, will the new headlight plug strange in? any comments would be grand.

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Plugs on the headlight won't match, so needs re wiring. You'll need the parts you've said but also need the large black part thats under the bonnet and runs across the front of the car. (Where the air intake is) as the new bumper fits into this.

Mk7.5 rear lights will also have different plugs.

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plus it'll then be a 'modified' car and your insurance will need to be told unfortunately, I found out the hard way a few years back, I swapped my rover 200 front to mg zr (I know...I know..) and never told my insurance, police stopped me, sarcastically told me my number plate didn't match an MG ZR, and came up as ROVER, told them that's what it is, they said does your insurance know your have modified your car, nooooo, reported me for no insurance 


luckily I only got a fine and not points...be careful mate

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