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Rattle/Vibration driver side door.


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Hi. Just got home from John gross for the second time in two days. I have a huge rattle/vibration coming from the driver side door when have music on. (Bass on 2) (volume 8+) when standing outside of the car you heat the worst vibration/rattle. Ford have looked at it and took door card off and said it all looks normal even though they say the problem is bad. What do I do? Anyone else had this problem? I can hold my hand on the outside of the bottom left of the door and it stops. 

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Do you know if they took both door cards off or just the outer plastic one?  Also, does it still happen with the door open or only when closed?  There isn't anything at the back bottom corner of the door so I reckon it's either a loose wiring loom up to the door latch or a loose window runner if it happens all the time.  Or the door isn't aligned perfectly and may be rattling against the B pillar/latch if it's only when closed.  I have also read about the seatbelt pretensioner rattling in the B pillar on the Mk7 which can sound like it's coming from the door when closed.

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