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Trip Computer

chris g

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hi everyone,

i have a 1999 ford focus ghia tddi which i want to fit a trip computer to,can this be done and if so how any help will be appreciated

it doesnt hve one already strange the ghias came with trip computers to find out if it can be done remove the plastic surround around the clocks where yore little triangular cubby hole is behind that look for a white connector thats taped up if you find one you have the wiring if not you dont and it cant be done if you do have the wiring youll need an outside temp sensor that has to be fitted into the wiring under the cowling at the windscreen finding the wire can be a pain as it can be taped up anywhere youll need the washer bottle with level sensor from a ghia with the trip computer so youll need to remove the front wheel and wheel arch to get access to fit that in youll need the trip computer itself which simply screws in to place and the plastic trim around the dials with the cut out for the trip computer then yiou just have to hope you have the fuel sensors that actually make it work usually you dont until its all fitted it will either work or it wont and not all cars have the wiring in fact very few ive done one for my mate and for what the computer actually tells you which isnt a lot its not worth the hassle

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