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Bonnet catch


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I lifted the bonnet on my 4/5 Mondeo to wipe round the underside and the other bits and so on after washing the car.  I tried to shut it after wiping round and it will only fasten on the safety catch and not on the main one that you need to release from inside the car.  I've lubricated it well etc but to no use.  The release lever in the car seems to have the normal feel to it any bright ideas please.

I've tied it down with the good old tie wrap as a secondary safety catch so that I can still do the school run today.

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I had to bite the bullet and go to the local Ford agent and let them have  look at the bonnet latch.  The guy who came out from the workshop said that it is usually the cable that gets all the road dirt thrown up on to it and showed me how he does it with a screwdriver.  I had to operate the release catch for him to lubricate it, but it was a waste of time.  The latch itself had failed and needed to be replaced.

The new latch was £90.00 + the dreaded VAT and of course the labour all in all  £156, just what you don't need this close to Christmas.

Moan over. 

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