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Imobiliser Active


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Hiya, new to this so bear with me,

i was sitting in my car with engine running programing stations into my stereo, I turned off engine went into house for quick coffee left house 10 mins later got into my car belted up key in ignition went to start up and nothing, looked at dashboard which said Imobiliser Active, got out locked / unlocked tried again nothing, all electrics work, windows up/down but no start, checked all fuses under dash and under bonnet and fine, new battery fitted, still no start, Help please, my cars a 2007 2.0 tdci ghia estate, well serviced, new cambelt / waterpump etc regularly serviced, I’ve tried everything anybody help

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I often get this pop up, but my car still drives. Saying that it once did something similar to yours but after being sat in Tescos carpark for a while I red a post online to disconnect the battery for 20-30 minutes then try starting. It worked! Not sure if any help as you say you've had a new battery fitted. 

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