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Focus 2011 (MK2 ?) Washers stopped working


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Hi Everyone,

Owner of a 2011 plate Ford Focus which I believe is a MK2 model.

All of a sudden today when i press the washer jet button on my indicator stalk the washers both front and rear have stopped working. The window wipers operate fine but nothing happens for the washers. I believe the pipes or jet aren’t blocked because when i press the washer button there is no noise to indicate the washer jet is working. Is there a fuse of some sort that controls all the above.



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20 hours ago, TomsFocus said:

It'll be a late reg Mk2.5.  The mk3 doesn't have a washer button on the stalk.

The pump has probably failed tbh.  Fuse is number 136 under the glovebox.

Yup, definitely check the fuse but I also reckon the pump itself will be the culprit.  The wife's MK2.5 Zetec had to have a new pump fitted as the old one died, having seen what was in the screenwash reservoir and clogging the filter I wasn't surprised the pump failed (it was minging). :sick:

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42 minutes ago, TomsFocus said:

Probably a good idea to get some screenwash with a low freezing point if it's a regular issue, especially considering your location!  :biggrin:


Yep I'm right next to the sea so probs a good idea lol

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