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mk4 mondeo estate central locking problem


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hi guys im having a problem with my central locking

ive got a 2009 mondeo estate zetec

the problem im having is the drivers side of the car isnt locking with the key or remote fob and the mirrors and windows will not operate on the drivers side of the vehicle

ive replaced the drivers door module and checked the wiring on the loom and all appears to be ok, ive also checked the fuses fa1 fa2 fa3 and fa4 in the rear fuse box

ive also accessed the "hidden" menu and its showing 2 DTC codes one is c19900

does anyone have any ideas of other things to check before i go and spend a small fortune on diagnostics at an auto electricians

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I know you said you have checked wiring but have you checked wiring running from chassis to the door itself (pealed back the rubber sleeve and checked wires)

It has happened to me on an audi before 


Hope this helps

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On 12/18/2018 at 1:36 PM, bassn4cerzdj said:

ive also accessed the "hidden" menu and its showing 2 DTC codes one is c19900

c19900 decodes to U0199-00, This is:

U0199 Lost Communication With Door Control Module A

That is a CAN bus fault. If the other doors etc are working, then the rest of the MS CAN bus must be ok, just a problem with the spur to the Drivers Door module. If the module and its connector are ok, then a wiring fault is most likely, maybe in the door hinge sleeve as suggested by Wesley.

If you can locate the CAN bus pair on the connector, there is a simple test for wiring continuity: With the ignition off (& wait a bit to ensure it all powers down to get a valid reading), there should be 60 ohms (+/- about 1 ohm) between the two wires, with or without the door module connected. CAN bus wires are a twisted pair of thin wires if that helps.

I have pin-outs for Focus door modules, not Mondeo, but sometimes the pin-outs do match.

Forscan with an ELM327 adapter is a cheap way to do your own diagnostics including MS CAN bus with the door modules, restraints systems & BCM etc. Lots of info on this site about it, or ask here for info.

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