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Fuel Filter Change


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2006 Diesel

Are their any guides to changing these floating around? - Used to the paper elements just needing changing on my vehicles.

Assuming it's a sealed unit and needs pre-filling? anything else?


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1.4 or 1.6 diesel. I changed it on my 1,6tdci fiesta.  a black plastic cube thing, change whole unit. very difficult to get engine started due to air in there. you might be lucky and have a priming bulb on top of engine above timing belt cover (or near there), that's what my sisters 1.4tdci fiesta has, not sure what year they stopped putting the priming bulb on there

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1.4tdci defo has the priming bulb... prime for 30 pumps and you should be ok.

chsnging it is very easy. 1x holding clamp to remove then it’s just a case of removing the pipe and refitting is the reverse. 

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