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2013 fiesta led drl problem


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Hi guys new here so go easy!

I am having this problem of where the drivers side led is very dim compared to the passenger side led. I have this car for two months and only noticed this last week after I had to jump start due to a bad battery. I disconnected and reconnected the plug on the back of the lamp and also disconnected and reconnected the battery but still no joy. is this a problem because of the weak battery or is the headlamp unit at fault?

any help would be greatly appreciated.


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On my 2015 fiesta the LEDs are bright when the sidelights are off, and go dimmer when I turn the sidelights on.  If you turn the sidelights on does the bright side goes as dim as your dim side or is it still brighter?  I am wondering if the problem is something to do with whatever tells it to be bright or dim as opposed to the lamp unit itself. But your faulty side does look pretty dim, perhaps dimmer than normal sidelight brightness 

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hi guys thanks for the responses so far. I could check earth tomorrow bit dark now.

@isetta the two lights dim when I turn sidelights on, the driver side light is barely on but it is lit. the passenger side dims normally.

just a thought: if the connections are the same each side I might try plugging the driver side lamp into the passenger side plug to determine if its is something wrong with the headlamp unit or the power feed to the leds

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good idea, seems likely the connectors would be the same. I don't suppose Ford have made it easy to remove the headlamps - I have not had cause to do so on mine. Also I wonder how long the wires are - hope they are long enough to reach the headlamps when not fitted to car (which of course they can not be fitted on the wrong side due to opposite shape).

If it turns out the headlamp units are OK then you might be able to bodge it by running some wires from left side headlamp to the right side headlamp. I am not saying I reccommend that but it might be something I would resort to trying if everything else defeated me. 

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