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Stupid Woman!


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So, let me get this straight. It's OK to call someone stupid, but to call them a 'stupid woman' is wrong/sexist etc

So a woman can't call a man a 'stupid man' either? 

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I had to laugh at this when I heard it on the radio yesterday...  Just reminded me of this! :laugh: 



But yeah, I found it completely ridiculous, firstly because it's been deemed sexist, and secondly because 'stupid' is hardly offensive is it!?  There was a video going round a few weeks ago of an Australian court where someone was called the c word! :rolleyes: 

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I blame society. Society has portrade women as vulnerable people so if guys did something or say something significantly wrong to a woman it would look like a very bad thing. This video kind of shows it. One of the comments said when we were infants boys were taught to not hit girls but what about girls. 


Found this funny video whilst finding the other one. Has mild bad language 😂


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