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2013 Focus DPF Removal


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Alright guys, just after a bit of advice. 

I have a 63 plate Focus with the 1.6 tdci engine. I had the DPF cleaned out around 2 months ago after it derated due to it being blocked. It has been great since but history has now repeated and it has once again derated for the same reason. I do at least 300 miles a week, with approximately half of that mileage done on a national speed limit road, and often do the same mileage again over the course of a few weeks travelling from Liverpool to North Wales to see my girlfriend, so I would have thought that would be enough to prevent the problem I'm having.

I've decided enough is enough and that to prevent the issue reoccurring, I am going for a DPF removal and remap as the next step. 

I've had a read through of the forum and found feedback based on the older model Focus' that have had this mod, but just wanted to see if anybody could offer any further information or experience based on the mk3 model. 


Apologies if I have duplicated a topic, thanks in advance

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The MOT has tightened up on this earlier this year as they realised this was going on. I have no idea how many cars have failed the MOT on this point. Still seems slightly open to abuse as signs of cutting it open are allowed if it was for cleaning but not gutting.

MOT manual

If a diesel particulate filter has clearly been cut open and rewelded, you should reject it unless the vehicle presenter can show evidence that there was a valid reason to cut it open, such as for filter cleaning.

further into the manual:


  1. Exhaust on a vehicle fitted with a diesel particulate filter emits visible smoke of any colour
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Thanks for the advice so far. It really is a great car apart from this issue, so would loathe having to get rid, but I can't afford to be spending out a few times a year on getting the DPF repeatedly cleaned out. Any alternative options or suggestions which may alleviate this problem? 

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Sonic Bath with get it almost as good as new, a high pressure clean will do the job too, avoid anyone who just adds crap to your fuel to "clean" it. if its full, it wont. You cant burn the ash.

Or replace it but folk on here have had some bad experienced with aftermarket parts so thats gonna cost a few bob.

Once its been removed and properly cleaned you shouldnt have to clean it a few times a year, just give it a good thrashing on the motorway every now and then. 

Sadly the value of DPF equipped cars seems to have dropped off the face of the earth and continues to do so, the longer you leave this the less you will get back


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You shouldn't be getting problems again so quickly.  The Mk3 cDPF isn't all that bad, if it was cleaned properly 2 months ago and you've been doing 300 miles a week since then you've got another problem there.  Faulty sensor, sticky EGR, dodgy injectors etc.  

As above, DPF removal is illegal and will now fail MOT as well.  You'll never pass the smoke test on a 2013 1.6TDCi without a DPF since the MOT changed.

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