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Fiesta ST-Line 67 Plate (2018) Ticking from left front apparently normal


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Hi this is my second post.  Basically in short I brought a 2018 Fiesta MK8 St-Line a couple of months ago.  Its been in 7 times now having various problems fixed.  I posted before about the fuel pump noise.  They have fitted a new one but still the same.

However I have a new sound that started a week ago.  Basically, when I accelerate and when you ease off changing gear i get a ticky noise from the left hand side bonnet area like a mouse squeak/clicking is the best I can describe.  I have taken it in and they have concluded this noise is "normal" apparently its coming from the turbo and is just the way it is.  They told me they tested another same model and this does it too.  The thing is in all the time I have had the car I have never had this noise.

I'm so damn frustrated with this car as I have had so many problems, some of which are fixed but these noises I am being told I need to live with.  I really like the car and don't want to give it back but going to look like I have no choice.

Has anyone else has a similar problem to this or any frustrations with the ST-Line noises?

Many thanks.

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Hi, the turbo shouldn't really be making any severely audible noises apart from anything pressure related and even then it should be too loud. Is the noise definitely coming from the bonnet area or is it somewhere on the inside it could be coming from? 

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Hi I don't think it's on the inside.  I would never be able to capture the noise i'm sure.  Its like a little ticking/squeaky belt noise just for a second or two.  Dealership assured me it was just something to do with the turbo? I have never had so many noises from a car and this is the newest one i have had.

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Ok so to follow on this, I am told this is again a normal noise and something to do with the fuel value.  Something to do with air pressure and stuff thats creates the chirpy tick noise.  Happens all the time moving from 1/2 - 2/3.  Does anyone experience this?

This along with my fuel pump noise I posted about are quite annoying.  I just can't believe noises like this can be a feature of the car but am being told there are.  I took a similar for a test drive and couldn't recreate this noise in there but still being told it's normal.

Any advice please or similar noises heard in yours?

Thank you.


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