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Help please Fiesta ecoboost 2013 cutting out won’t start


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Hi all, I am having such a strange issue with our car. The stop start wasn’t kicking in (after a long enough journey), which we thought odd. We stopped at some traffic lights and the engine just died completely. It had three fault codes - fuel pressure sensor, clutch position sensor and throttle sensor. After wiping the codes at the garage it started and ran fine for a long time and didn’t seem to need a repair. The breakdown guy said he would start with then fuel one, so we decided to do it anyway as we had had the same issue 3,000 miles away but it just started working one day. It was fitted and all was fine, then as we were about to drive off it did it again! Has anyone had this? Or have any ideas? Is the stop start an issue?


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Oh I have been here recently with these exact codes and eventually some more!

I spent hours looking for the fault, It finally turned out to be damaged wiring underneath the battery, you'll need to get under the car to inspect it.

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