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1.0 140 dropping to only enough power to tick over


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My 1.0 Fiesta 2017 Mk7.5 140 is dropping to only enough power to allow it to tick over. It's not limp mode as there's not enough power to move the car. There are no fault codes. If I turn the car off and leave it I can get several yards on the restart with some semblance of power (not full) before it drops to nothing again. The longer I leave it the further it goes up to about 150 yds before dropping to nothing. It feels like fuel starvation as the engine hunts. Flooring the throttle has minimal effect but is just noticeable. I have tried Forscan and the Torque app but have had no fault codes. I've gone about 100 miles since last filling up so would rule out poor fuel. My best guess is a bad fuel pressure sensor or fuel pump but any help gratefully received.

Fuel pressure is registering as fluctuating between 2000 KPa and 10000 KPa with between 1.0 and 2.5V when having zero power.

It's between 2800 and 14500 KPa and 1.5 to 3.7V when having part power.

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Possibly restriction in the fuel line? 

Maybe have fuel filter changed as it could be restricted taking longer to pass through, meaning the longer you leave it the further you get.

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1 hour ago, Tiexen said:

Your car is still under warrenty - take it back to your Ford dealer

If there like my local dealership they like to recieve it straight through the show room window stopping in front of the reception desk. 

Really gets there attention rather than the "ooh John deals with that and he's on holidays & sick leave until your warranty expires" 

Before you even explain your problem 😃

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Turns out the water pump had a slight leak and the ECU noticed and crippled the engine. Despite the ECU knowing it had cut in it didn't throw a code though. Possibly some hasty re-writting of the ECU coding following the hard hose breaking and cooking many engines?

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