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S MAX limp mode engine malfunction


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Hi I have a S MAX 2.0 titanium, been running fine up until yesterday. Traveling at about 70mph then all of a sudden comes up engine malfunction and goes into limp mode. Pull over turn engine off for couple mins then when turned back on its fine until the next day. Then today same thing happened. Done a DTC check on the dash and shows code C20000. Anyone got any ideas? Cheers Dan .

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Hi, I have this same problem. Checking with forscan I got P0380 Circuit A Glow plug. Can it be this the cause for my problem? Do I need to remove the glow plugs to check them, or can I test them through the wiring harness? They are in the back and need to take out egr to get to them. :)

Enviado do meu SM-G930F através do Tapatalk

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