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Mk7.5 15 Plate Fiesta - Sony Stereo Balance Issue


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Greetings fellow Ford owners,

I'm having an issue with my car, model in title.  When I bought it second hand, I noticed after a short while that the audio balance was off-centre towards the left.  I corrected this using the built in audio balance adjuster although I knew that no stereo should be off balance quite like that.  Had to move it over about 4 pips to get it in the centre again.  Just recently I've noticed that when going around sharper corners, the audio balance gradually drifts.  It's quite humorous really because it's as if the audio sloshes over to mainly one side of the car and then requires an opposite turn to slosh it back.  Obviously this isn't how sound waves work but it's still comical all the same.  Nevertheless, this has become a bit of an annoyance.  Has anyone ever heard of something like this happening before?  Can anyone recommend a corrective action?  It's almost as if the car has a built in g force sensor to 'throw' sound to the outside of the corner!  It's not instantaneous either, it fades the further round the corner I go.



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3 minutes ago, MarksST said:

Have you checked the settings of the ambient sound compensation and the settings ford here the sound is centered (driver or all)?


👀 I know there's ambient noise adjustments (I think they call it adaptive volume or something) but not sure if it is global to all Speakers or localised.  Will check when I get in the car tomorrow and post back here.  Thanks for the suggestion!


If anyone else has other things I could try as well tomorrow, that would be great!

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