EGR valve issues

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Let me start by introducing myself, I am originally from South Africa but now based in London. I am not a mechanic but know a few things about cars and general mechanical troubleshooting and I once owned a Ford Laser turbo TX3 which i always regret selling.

My issue is that my more recent Ford Focus 1.6 tdci having egr valve issues where when driving I lose boost pressure and performance. This normally happens on the motorway when cruising. 

Ive had it to the mechanic 4 times in the last year where they have replaced the EGR valve each time telling me its faulty. lucky i've only paid for 1 replacement the other 3 being under warranty. It's also been taken to Think Ford in Bracknell who blamed a boost pipe that has been replaced. 

Current error codes are as follows:

P0490-20 Exhaust Gas Recirculation Control Circuit High

P042F-20 EGR Control Stuck Closed

P042F-P EGR Control Stuck Closed

Now the errors say that the EGR is stuck closed but when running test it appears to be closed and occasionally opening (which I assume is normal operation) and then when cruising at 70mph goes from 100% to 0% and stays there.


boost and power as a result go down.

Now trying to figure out my options with this as this issue getting rather annoying:

1. Do I do a EGR delete, though I don't want to be removing all the coolers and plugging the holes so would this be possible with software? If so can how easy can it be done? what software would I use for it?

2. Is it worth getting another replacement of the EGR valve?

3. Spend more money on getting the wiring checked by a auto electrician?

Thanks for the help

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sorry forgot to mention its a 2009 mk2.5 ford focus

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Had issues with my EGR on my MK2.5. They replaced the valve in end but I'm sure a clean will do the trick.

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initially i thought that was the case but as its been through 4 in the space of a year im not sure 

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