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Sat nav or not


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Just recently bought a Focus( 16) 1.0 ecoboost tatanium and can't find in spec if it has satnav or not as standard,the screen keeps asking to insert SD card ,but don't have one,so should this model have one or not.


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If it keeps asking for an SD card then I'd say yes.
It would seem to me that the previous owner might have taken it out.
Look on eBay for F6 or F7 cards but be aware that many on there are copies.
They aren't cheap but are better than dealership prices by far.

Sent from my SM-G965F (S9+)

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Presumably you've got Sync 2 if there's an SD card needed. I think that's where the satnav is to be found and if the previous owner took the card it's a bit skinny of the dealer not to put it right. He can probably get the card more cheaply then you.

Good luck.

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They. Will probably just take a card out of a car going to auction or something, that’s possibly what happened to your card in the first place, removed to give to another customer in the hope you wouldn’t get back to them about it

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