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2007 Focus rear hatch release not working


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Hi all,

I have a remote fob keyless entry system on my Focus.

I bought it a few weeks ago (privately) but am now finding the niggles that I missed on the day of purchase.

The most annoying is that as I approach the car, the hatchback does not unlock and I need to press the boot release fob button twice to open it.

Would anyone know the part number for this, or is it repairable?


Also the square black button on the drivers door handle doesn't lock the car (passenger side is fine)

Again, is this an easy fix or a replacement part? It's actually a button and not just a sensor.

I'm guessing water ingress causing both issues.


Thanks for any advice.

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the fob seems to be fine as it opens the 4 doors as I approach the car, just doesn't unlock the boot.

The black square is on the door handle, pressing it is meant to lock and arm the car (so you never have to take your keys out of your pocket / bag)

Driver's side does nothing when I press it, but passenger side button locks and arms the car as it should.

I hope this makes sense 🙂


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11 minutes ago, F0CUE said:

Don't have that button on mines and my boot is pretty much the same at opening takes a couple of clicks maybe it's meant to be that way but yes annoying.

The OP has optional keyless entry which is why hers has buttons on the handles and yours doesn't.  Rare option on a Mk2!


I can't really understand why the boot won't unlock on the passive keyless but will on the fob button, that's very odd tbh.  The drivers door handle button is probably faulty as you suggest though, best thing to do there would be to test the button with a multimeter.  If the button works then it'll be the door latch at fault, if not it'll be the button at fault and you'll need to replace the whole handle.  Good used replacements from eBay or a breakers should be fine, but may be difficult to find due to their rarity.


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Certainly seems to be rare on a 2007 model. Every time I go to a supermarket car park I'm looking out for similar handles, but yet to see the lock button on another Focus.

Gadgets and gizmos are great, until they brake! 🙁

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