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Bulb Electricity Supplier


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A blatant plug but hopefully won't be against FOC rules 😉


Bulb seem to be a pretty good electricity supplier with good feedback and customer relations. 


For 1 week only they are offering a £100 referral whereby if you switch using a referral from a friend you both get a £100 credit on your account. After next Wednesday the referral credit drops to 'only' £50 so if you're thinking of switching soon click on this link https://bulb.us11.list-manage.com/track/click?u=4834935b227d653db6d9f1a11&id=990ce6c0b4&e=db5faac634 and see if it's worth switching. 

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10 minutes ago, Freddy42 said:

Is it worth switching to the worst customer service in the industry?

Really? I've got a few friends with them and they've no complaints, but I'll keep an open mind 😉

I've just left Outfoxthemarket because of their atrocious customer service. Not acknowledging our house move, not acknowledging meter readings etc etc but most of all taking 2 lots of Direct Debits for 2 different addresses out of our account including 3 months worth for one address in one month!!! 😡

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Bulb were rated 8th out of 30 in a Which survey, they get good to excellent customer reviews in Trust Pilot, the worst I have come across for poor customer service are British Gas, Eon and Utilita who I am about to leave.

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Customer service is crap everywhere in my experience.  Might as well go for the cheapest and hope you never have to contact them!  I know several people on Bulb as well, I would go with them if they'd do Economy10, but very few places do now. 

I keep being pushed to get an Economy7 Smart Meter (they don't make E10 ones) but will probably go for Bulb if I do end up on an E7 meter.  The reason for putting it off is mainly storage heating, it's awful now, sweating in the middle of the night and cold in the morning, but at least I do get an extra boost from it in the afternoon & evening on E10, I can't see it working at all on E7!

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