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Ford Focus High Revs


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Hi All


I need some advice. Since I repaired the clutch on my Ford Focus 2 months ago everytime I push the clutch in the revs will shoot up to around 3000. When I free down a hill the revs will remain high untill I let it out again and then go back to normal. When I come to a stop the car will rev high for a few seconds and then drop down to 1000. Can anyone please advise me what the cause could be?


I took of the idle regulator and cleaned it throughly with break cleaner and it didn't maike a difference. I also tried to check if there might be a air leak somewhere but couldn't find one.


Another issue that I have is that I think the injectors might be dirty because the car misses a bit and then goes. Can I take the injectors off and clean them?



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