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S-Max water in passenger footwell?

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Hi All,

1st time post so be gentle!

We bought a 2012 S-Max 2.2tdci 200bhp in October and have enjoyed the space inside for family and how nippy it is. Early January we started to notice a musty/wet grass type smell and have traced it to a wet carpet in passenger footwell. We've tried searching online for possible solutions, but don't have air con on, etc. The water seems clear so not screen wash as we have very blue concentrated screen wash for winter. Lifted carpets and water seems to be mainly on sound proofing in footwell and only on carpets when pressure applied. Sound proofing not wet or damp up front of footwell? We did have a windscreen fitted by Autoglass 24th December, but seems to be sealed?

Any help or suggestions much appreciated.


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Could be Heat exchanger.
Are you loosing coolant liquid? If the answer is yes, it's probably the heat exchanger.
If you will send me PM with vin number it will be helpful.
In the pic below, that is my heat exchanger. 0a6c79e0808691ffafe8f8dc95bc9cff.jpg

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