Instrument cluster part numbers confusion

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Hi, the LCD screen on my instrument cluster has gone mental so removed this afternoon to check part numbers and got 8M2T-10849-HC (Basic red LCD cluster)

Noticed there are loads on eBay for reasonable prices but only one that matches my part and its from Poland and near £300, some of them are close such as 6M2T or the last two digits are DD or BC, I'm wondering if installing an instrument cluster with a different part number would work? I imagine when retrofitting the convers+ cluster the part number on these are surely different to the standard unit as well. 

Also wondering if I upgrade to the convers+ would that give me anything special in terms of the display for adaptive cruise control and front/rear parking sensor proximity?


Many thanks for your time

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About your cluster, it's tough call.
One of my buddies, replace is cluster (simple one with orange digits) with LCD cluster and it work just fine.
For opening other options in your convers+, sometimes you can open them with software update and sometimes you need software + adding harness.

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Thanks, my cluster is the normal one with the red lcd display in the centre but I wonder if it has to be specific with my car having adaptive cruise control and hill launch assist, the same unit with a different part number may not be able to display the menu or options with regard to these things but again I'm not sure and wonder if someone could clarify?



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