Ford Fiesta 1l Ecoboost Turbo/oil pump engine Failure

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Hi all,

Any advice truly appreciated.

We bought our 2013 Fiesta back in the July of 2013, it was meant to be a car that would last us 10yrs. We have had it serviced every year and taken good care of it but……. I have just been told that it's knackered!

2 weeks ago when we got the spat of cold whether it started making a high pitched whirly/grinding sound on start up but then after a few seconds it would stop. So we booked it in to our garage. The morning we took it in the notification alarm sounded but before I could read it, it disappeared. Any way it drove fine to the garage but according to them when they took it for a test drive they could barely get it up to 70mph and the noise it was making was so horrendous they immediately switched it off. They have told us that the oil pump and turbo have failed and that effectively the car has had it as the cost of repair will be so high. They don't recommend replace these parts as there may of been more damage made throughout the engine. So I am looking at needing a new engine or new car.

I have tried looking to see if this could be down to a manufacturing fault as I feel ford should take some responsibility. I actually (quite sadly) love my car, I am devastated and don't know how to procced.


Can any one advice me on how to approach ford or have any info of known faults.


Thanks in advance

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The sad reality is that Ford won't care.  The car is well out of warranty so it's no longer their problem.

The oil pump is a known issue across forums on the 1.0EB engine but whether Ford will admit this to the customer is a different matter. 

You can contact Ford CRC by phone as a starting point - https://www.ford.co.uk/useful-information/contact-us

Some people have also emailed the Ford CEO Andy Barrett and got a reply - abarratt@ford.com

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