Focus 2010 Auto ABS/Traction light Scrapping from front nearside wheel

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Hi, my car has suddenly started doing something.

From cold after setting off it starts making a scrapping/grinding noise from front nearside wheel, sounds like when your brake pads are worn down, but their not.

If I stop the car and put into N the revs get really high until I turn engine off. When it first did this the ABS/Traction light came on and wouldn't go off. I could not drive it as car appeared to be stuck in 6th gear.

The garage recovered car, cleared dash lights but couldn't find any faults and I collected the car and it seemed ok.

It did it again yesterday after being stood for a while, the noise car back and I pulled over turned it off, turned it back on and it seemed fine.

I've read on here that lot's of people experience this and it's meant to be the abs testing. I've owned a few Focus cars in the past and never had this problem.

It is surely meant to be doing this?

Thanks Andy.

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ABS Test is just a "clunk" when you exceed 10-15mph after each ignition cycle. Is your car automatic? If not, is it still stuck in 6th gear when depressing the clutch?

Was the ABS/Traction light flashing? Or just solid? Solid = problem, Flashing = operating

You will probably need Forscan or someone with a decent diagnostic tool to view the individual wheel speed sensor data, and also any codes that may be stored. Notice anything else go haywire when this happens? 

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