Firmware upgrade of TravelPilot NX to SP 5.3

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I have a big problem getting firmware update to SP 5.3 to start updating.
Which is about to drive me crazy.

TravelPilot NX runs without problems with 2009 map DVD.
But I have bought a new 2018 map DVD but there are problems saving destinations and more...
An update of the firmware is therfore needed.

Have deleted all stored/saved destinations and cleared & set it to factory default.
Turns on the engine and removes the old 2009 country map DVD and puts the Firmware 5.3 CD-R into the DVD drive.
And nothing happens. !!

Also tried with presning the 'NAV' button. But then it just writes insert a Navigation DVD/map in the drive.

Have tried with many reburning of CD-R (also tried with DVD-R's).


Have even been at the local Ford dealer & workshop, they have the same problem. (Note the Ford dealer have once before seen same issue on another NX)


Is there a way to force the update to start, or is the firm/software (B) locked against updating, and if, how to get around this?


Hope someone can help with this issue.



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