Joel Bavidge

SYNC 3 freezing at certain locations?

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I have noticed that the SYNC 3 system freezes when I go to a couple of specific locations. I'm running the latest software 3.3. There is a particular car park and every time I go there my screen freezes. even if I reboot the system in the car park it still freezes but if I drive a couple of hundred feet down the road it works perfectly. The same thing happens at a big roundabout I go through sometimes. the only thing I can think is it is something to do with radio transmitters or, am I just being stupid? There is a big TV/radio mast near the roundabout I was talking about and the car park is in an industrial estate. I always plug my phone in with Apple CarPlay so I don't know if this is a Ford (blackberry) issue or an Apple issue. Any one know what causes this and is there a fix? 

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I have exactly the same issue. In one particular location {a hospital} the screen freezes and refuses to shutdown when I get out of the car.

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