Headlights dim when steered while stationery & Start-stop not working.

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Hello Everyone,

Just joined the club, very happy to be here. The car in consideration is my '12 Ford Mondeo Titanium 1.6 TDCi (all stock, engine & electrical wise) which I have owned for just over 2yrs and it just clocked 106K miles.

The 1st Issue: After a month of owning the vehicle I noticed when stationery if I turn the steering wheel in any direction then the headlights dim slightly but its noticable; also if I keep the blowers of full blast then they aswell tend to dim, everthing tends to remain/act normal if I stop turning the steering wheel. During all of this the media player the
I took the car to the Ford service centre and they say everthing is fine (i.e. the alternator charging, the battery health) and didn't have a solution to the fault.

The 2nd Issue: Even after a long journey, the start-stop on my car just does not work; It did work once on its own but it was in a single drive.
I know it works because recently when the media-unit buttons on the steering wheel stopped working and i got it replaced. The workshop had to disconnect the battery and hence that might have resulted the car's electronics to reset; luckily the start-stop function worked for 1-2 days and then everything was back to usual (the start-stop function stopped working).

Not sure if these isues are interlinked or not but

I can change the battery even though the Ford Service centre confirmed it was fine hoping that it solves the issue. But can you suggest if can I install a battery with some extra oomph so that it doesn't lack power if I upgrade over to Xenon headlight (from the Titanium X model) in the future (which i am hoping to do soon 😁). What battery and specs would it be?


Thank you for any suggestions and solutions.


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It's quite normal for the lights to dim when you turn the steering wheel and/or blowers on max. So long as they don't him do dim as they can't be seen, the lights should brighten up when the extra load is taken away. 

The s/s is very sensitive and unless a whole load of unexplained unknown criteria are met then the system just won't work.


Changing the battery will most likely solve the issue but I'm not sure what spec you should look at sorry. The xenon headlights shouldn't require an upgraded battery though as the tit x doesn't have a different battery.

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