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2007 Fiesta - Damage Repair?


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Hi all,

At the end of November I purchased a 2007 Fiesta from Evans Halshaw near Leeds. Whilst hoovering the boot out today I thought the carpet felt a bit damp. I'd lifted it up when we bought the car but not pulled it out completely.

When I've pulled it out completely today there's a lot of water in underneath the spare wheel, but also a large patch on the right hand side as well as some kind of seal all the way around, please see the pictures below.

My car knowledge isn't great, so for all I know the patch and seal might be how it came out of the factory but I thought I'd seek futher advice here.

Look forward to any replies offered.







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Looks Normail to me....when the car is built it comes in different panel section they are welded together then in the boot area they are covered with the tape/sealer you see and then sprayed BUT this is also done when damaged repaired but looking at it yours looks original, maybe a little messy in pic 3 but as long as all panels line up correct and its hpi clear I wouldn worry about it.

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if this is a Mk7 then search for water leak in boot, lots of people have experienced this problem. it took fords four weeks to solve and was traced to the roof where the seal under the drain rails was either cracked or no seal put in when at the factory, mine was sorted by ford and since then i have no complaints. worth going to your dealer and if told out of warranty call ford customer services get a ref number and get them to pay, with me they paid 90% towards the bill.

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