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Mike! Guess Who Could Be Your Mk.4 Buddy! :p


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Stayed over my best mates house yesterday, and they happen to have a Mk.4 Fiesta 1.25 Zetec... They asked me to have a drive of their car because they thought something was up with their brakes (they were right, they need new pads). Anyway, we digress. Point is I was rather impressed how the little thing drove! Perky little engine, very fun to drive.

So done the usual of the used car hunter ...

Flicked through the AutoTrader - Loads of them about for good prices, some real low mileage ones too!

Did the insurance quote too, with my 3 points ( :rolleyes: ) works out the same as I was paying for my old Focus.

So uh, expect an addition to the VERY exclusive Mk.4 club! :D

... Or Mk.5 if there's a decent one for the price. :P

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I had a mk 4 fiesta too before I scrapped it in for my new ka last year, it was a great little car, over 100k on the clock and still no probs, felt a little bad about scrapping it but the deal was too good, sometimes i regret it though cos it was much faster than my current one although they are pretty boring to look at and there's millions still around, while my new ka is still pretty exclusive round here and looks gorge! :)

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Nice one!!!!! :lol:

They are rather fun! Mine has nearly 80k and nothing is or has ever been wrong with the engine :)

Touch wood!! :o

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