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I have a ford focus ST 18 reg and the stop start system has stopped working. I read somewhere the battery monitor can be reset to correct this fault by going to ignition and pressing a routine of several buttons. this car is keyless so going to ignition would mean having the engine running. is this OK.

Help would be appreciated

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You can turn on the ignition in a keyless car by pressing the start button without depressing the clutch (or brake as appropriate).

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Ignition on (not engine, just press the button without the clutch)

Press rear fog 5 times

Press hazard lights 3 times

Wait to see the battery light flash on dash (10 seconds roughly)

Switch ignition off

It may be that your battery does not have enough charge in it. As an example, we also have a Citroen with Start/Stop, and if below 72-73% charged, the start/stop will not function.

I would be surprised if your 2018 start/stop would not be working, if it has a decent charge in it. I have a 2016 ST, do not drive it regularly, and start/stop normally works soon after starting. I would firstly give the battery a decent charge with a battery charger, to see if it then works. Make sure the battery charger is capable of a decent charge rate, as start/stop batteries normally require a higher charge rate than a standard battery.

I would also be inclined to have the battery fully charged, before carrying out the battery monitor reset.

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