Wheel hub bolt.. Please help

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Hi, I'm After some urgent help please.... So long story short I've had to make repairs due to pot holes and snapped springs, passenger side was a doddle but have run into issues with drivers side, so basically where the hub assembly attaches to the strut there is a bolt, that holds the housing to the strut, it is stuck fast and looks in bad shape so I desperately need the name of it or the part number of the bolt, as mine is stuck on so full thing needs replacing. I have everything needed apart from this one bolt. Thanks 

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Hi Bronwyn,

Google 'Ford 1382597' for the bolt.

Also, you might consider buying a tool like this to spread the slot in the 'knuckle';

I did and it makes the job a doddle.

£8.25 for two sizes I thought was a bargain.

The smaller one does the mk6 Fiesta.

Good luck,


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By the way Bronwyn,

It seems that you're doing a good job after finishing the 'passengers side'.

I'm not sure how experienced you are but you will sort that bolt;

Do NOT, ever use open ended spanners unless you absolutely have no other option!

Always use sockets or ring spanners.

Bolts/nuts on cars are notoriously stubborn.

I prefer 6 sided sockets.

I've never been a fan of 'bi hexagonal'

If you 'round' the bolt head, then post on here.

Don't worry;  That bolt will be out soon!



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