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2003 Ford Fiesta Zetec stalling when holding clutch in

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Hi, I have a Ford Fiesta (mark 5) I think. The one before the facelift and I’ve had a few problems over the last week. A few days ago everytime I started the engine from cold it would stall unless I held the accelerator pedal down and warmed the engine up. Then it was fine after that. 

However, now it’s stopped doing that but has instead started: whenever I press the clutch in and start the engine it goes to 800-900 revs ( normal) then drops to about 400-500 revs which when stopping traffic 9 times out of 10 stalls the engine. 

Ive heard about the idle speed control valve and idle air control valve but don’t where these are and I’ve also seen it could be a breather/ vacuum hose. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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