fiesta mk8 interior map light problem

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Hello to all,

Yesterday I went to Ford Dealer to perform the 1000 km PDI check , they informed me that they did a software update for the PCM ( Powertrain Control Module ) and the BCM ( Body Control Module ) , 

after the update the Auto start / Stop feature started to function correctly ( as it was not working since I bought the car ) .

however , the interior map light switch stopped working , I mean the map light turns on when I open the door , and if I switched it off while the door is open it turns off , but when the door closed if try to switch it on it doesn't go on !!!

note that the courtesy light is working fine.

now is this related to the BCM updated they performed or a faulty switch or a blown fuse , what can I check if its a simple procedure ? 

thank you all very much , and good day 🙂

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