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Auto folding mirrors not folding properly

Carlos V

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Recently a "lady" has break the left rear-view mirror of my S-MAX and I accepted her proposal to replace it for an original (as my requirement and having part number given Ford) on the Midas (she is the director of that thing's marketing). So far everything seemed fine, but after the replacement the mirrors stopped closing automatically when it was locked.

I demanded to midas guys that they repair what they damaged, but soon I realized that the poor ones don't even understand a bit and leave them in the hope that in Ford (days later in the 5 years inspection) they were able to program that correctly ... Once more I got deceive.
In the meantime I found somewhere on the net a way of supposedly activating/deactivating the fold/unfold of the mirrors when the car is locked/unlocked. It even seems to work ... But it only works the second time. That is, I get out of the car, I lock it and nothing... I unlock it once (with the remote and lock int again) and voilá, the mirrors are folded. When unlocked, they always unfold (at least that ...)

Summing up:
I used to have a car that always fold the mirrors on first lock (it did not even have to be double-locked - turn on the alarm) both on the remote and on the door handle sensor. Now I have a car that only fold the mirrors the second time (lock, unlock and lock). On the doors's handle sensor, it has worked once or twice.

Note: The two mirrors continue to operate properly including lowering them to the ground when putting back gear

Does anyone here have any idea how to restore normal / reprogramming mirror behaviour?
I'm very, very grateful in advance.
My car is a Ford S-MAX 2.2 TDCI Titanium S (2014 MK1 facelift) with KeyLess / PowerStart key and memory seats

Kind regards,
Carlos Valente

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OK, I seem to have fixed mine, but not 100% sure what I did. 

After trying all the videos on YouTube to no avail, I tried the classic battery Diss connect. Again no luck. But as I was resetting the 1 touch windows, it made me wonder if the mirrors may be similar. So with the ignition on, push and hold the mirror button to close to a few seconds, release. Same again to open, release. Ignition off, locked and unlocked and seemed to work fine. I may have done it more than once, I'm not sure because if you lock, unlock and lock again, the mirrors would fold anyway. But a bit of perseverance, and you'll get there. 

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Hi. Just found this great site and hope you will indulge me. On my recently-bought 2010 S-Max (not keyless entry) the door mirrors fold automatically only when I (1) lock, unlock and relock the car using the remote, or (2) press the manual folding button ONCE while the ignition is still switched on and then exit and lock the car (once) using the remote.

When the ignition is on I can fold the mirrors manually by pressing the manual fold button, but I need to press it TWICE the first time, after which a single press will do. If I do this and stay in the car, the windows fold (and unfold) when I press lock (and unlock) on the remote, as they should. But once I've opened the driver's door I'm back to my original position.

Eddie W's solution doesn't work for me.

Seems the first press of the manual fold button is doing something to enable both auto and manual folding, although there is no indication that anything is happening.

This is more an annoyance than a problem, but I would like my mirrors to fold as they are supposed to. Any ideas?

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