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I've made my views clear about this scam on here before... :laugh:  It simply doesn't work.  You can get the same effect by running a strong fuel cleaner when the fuel gets low and thrashing the nuts of the engine for half an hour.  It doesn't even go near the parts of a diesel engine that you want to clean - EGR, turbo vanes, inlet manifold etc.

Some people do claim to get a placebo effect from it...and I'm sure they do genuinely believe it, but that's only because they have to justify spending so much on something doesn't make any difference.

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Yeah like Tom said there's bits of a car which can clog up where fuel doesn't go through. My inlet manifold was caked in carbon. Used Mr muscle oven cleaner to dissolve the carbon then pressure washed it and scraped it off with a screwdriver. I think the response of the car was a little bit better since are is properly going in however I got used to it quickly. Also blocked the EGR off as that caused it. 




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