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Mk7 fiesta zs fan not cutting in

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Hello there , im after a bit of advice or to find out if anyone else has had the Same problem. My 2010 zetec s 1.6 petrol fiestas radiator fan does not cut in. I've only owned the car for around a month. I was on my way back from a day out the other day and was sat in traffic and noticed a strong smell of antifreeze. The road behind me was dry so didn't think anything of it. Thought I'd turn the air con on to be safe to try and cool the car down as the fan didn't come on already. Now I know these mk7's do not have a water temp gauGe as such but I scrolled through the 'secret menu' on the gauges to find the digital water temp readings. The car was reading 102. Anyway once ingot home it went down the 84. So thought id better check the antifreeze, which was low. Topped it up then ran the car checking for leaks. 

As the car gets to 101 degrees it just over boils as the fan does not cut in. 

Being in the motor trade I have spoken to many mechanics who have all said similar things.

Change the cap - which has been changed for a genuine ford one 

Check the fuses - which are fine

Check the fan relay -which has been changed for a genuine ford one 

Check the water temp sensor - which has been changed for a ford one

Try an expansion tank - which has been changed 

Now the fan on the car when checked didn't have a signal on tick over but only once the air con was turnt on which would make the fan come in.

I'm now a bit stuck as to what to do , I'm going to go down the thermostat route and go from there if not I am wondering if maybe there is a wiring or possibly an ecu issue which would mean taking the car to a auto electrician. 

Just find it strange that the fan comes in with the air con which means it can't be faulty but just not when the car is hot.

Any help would be majorly appreciated 



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Years ago my wife had mk1 fiesta which had problem with fan not cutting in. I ran a wire from live supply to switch on dashboard to the fan and switched it on when needed. It did have temp gauge so I could see when needed. Not ideal for you but as a last resort better than nothing.

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