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Squeaking Noise From Front Headlight


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As of recently, I've noticed that one of my Fiesta mk6's front headlights has been squeaking. Sometimes it's just the occasional squeak, other times it goes on for entire journeys. I've noticed that if my lighting angle is adjusted in any way, the sound goes absolutely ballistic and squeaks like crazy, meaning I've had to leave it on the only setting where it isn't too bad - 2.5.

I'm guessing this is something to do with the motor in the lighting angle, as the other headlight moves up and down fine - whereas the squeaking one doesn't move at all.

Is this going to be an expensive fix? :huh:

Cheers guys!

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i would have thought that its the stepper motor that adjusts the headlight level

this is inside the headlamp

if you take it to a garage they should be able to remove the headlamp and reconnect the lever of the motor to the headlamp. which has most likely just come off but worst case you may need a new headlamp

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