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1.4 TDCi red engine light

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I've got a 2008 1.4 tdci and it seem to have a few issues, related related.

It used to have an intermittent hiccup when accelerating garage diagnosed dirty EGR valve and cleaned it. Responsiveness improved and it seemed ok but I got low on fuel and the red engine light came on, now I've run fuel cleaner through it and when I accelerate hard the red engine light comes on again.


Any ideas? Faulty EGR, dirty or clogged injectors?

Also can anyone recommend a OBD II reader that works with diesel fords, a cheap one would be good.


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i have the usb modified and wifi modified ones from here:

the modified ones have an added switch which enables more functionality on fords.

this seller reccomended many times on this forum. prices include UK postage. Sent out fast.

Forscan software is good, it is free for a windows laptop. about 6-8 quid for ap on android device or apple device (can't remember exact price). I have Forscan on my laptop and iPhone.

There are cheaper ones available, but you know these from Tunnelrat will work properly.

they do work on ford diesels, I have used mine on 2004 1.4tdci, 2007 1.6tdci, 2008 focus 1.8tdci, 2015 1.5tdci


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