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Ford Fiesta 03 Immobiliser Locked

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I have Ford Fiesta 2005 5DR. I am a student and I drove it home from college and tried to start a day later and it wouldn't even try to turn over

(Miles on dash were ------).

I'm not 100% but pretty sure I left a jacket caught in the lock of the boot and i believe the car was unlocking and locking the whole night before the immobilizer was locked. 

The key and lock symbol flashes quickly on the dash for 1 minute before slowing down, to flash 7 times slow and then repeating, which I believe is signalling an error but I don't know what error is is signalling.
I have tried replacing the key battery, replacing fuses, unplugging battery, jump start, got clocks checked and no joy.
As i said I'm a student so the car isn't worth too much, so its not worth my time taking it into a ford dealership as I will have to pay for transport also. Its frustrating as it a flyer of a car before this and just seems to be a old ford function, its just difficult to find the error/fix.
Can anyone help?
Id appreciate it a lot.

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