Weird electrical issues

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I’m having really odd intermittent issues with my 61 plate Ford Fiesta 1.6 diesel titanium I wonder if any of you could help please 

first of all sometimes my drivers side window will go all the way down then pressing the button to go back up it goes up a little bit as in mm then stops and I hear the click as if it’s complete and then have to put it back up have to keep clicking the button until it goes up all the way ... which can take a while .

but then sometimes it works for a day or so ... now and again it won’t even go down  and the click isn’t there of the switch. This could I think point to a dodgy earth but unless it’s gone it’s pretty much hard to find. 

However now I have noticed that now and again the right hand indicator when on will click at the normal speed then all of sudden click fast a few times then go back to normal... coupled with this the headlights seem to dim and brighten when the right hand indicator is on ...

oh and when the indicator is doing it’s weird fast clicks the wipers stop and stutter then return to normal ... 

if it was one thing I think I’d be okay but it seems to be quite a lot of the electrics ... ( oh and now and again clicking the central locking unlock the wing mirrors can be very slow to unfold)

anyone have any ideas where to start please  ... I was thinking maybe an earth or plug to generic electronic module but 🤷‍♂️

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