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12V socket not working - fuse is ok

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Hi all.

Ford Fiesta 2016 owner here. I have the car for 2 years and since the beginning my front 12V cigarette lighter socket is not working.

I tried to change its fuse with another but still nothing.

How can i go further with this? any suggestion?

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Does the socket look contaminated inside? Use a non-metallic method of scrubbing the inside if it looks corroded/dirty/contaminated (coffee stains are non conductive!).

Have you got a multimeter/volt meter? If so, measure the voltage between the centre metal pin and the outside of the socket. There may be multiple fuses for your cigarette lighter sockets, you might want to check there is not another that has blown if you cannot get a voltage reading with the meter.

If it still isn't working, it might be worth removing the socket and checking the wiring is still attached to the bottom of it.

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