AC gets muffled after 2-3 hours

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Hi there,

I have a 2011 Ford Fiesta SES. For probably the 3rd or 4th summer in a row I have been experiencing issues with my AC. It blows cold and works totally fine until I drive for >2 hours straight. After that, the air flow seems to get restricted and even if I crank it to max speed, only super minimal cold air flow comes out. You can hear the blower get louder as you increase the speed but the amount of air being moved does not change and is super minimal. This is really only an issue in the summer time when I have the AC on the entire time I am driving, 

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Has the pollen filter ever been changed ? 

My daughter bought a 2013 fiesta recently and the airflow through the vents was very poor. The original pollen filter was still in after 6 years and 105k miles!! 

Does the air flow get better with the Aircon off? Could be the evaporator is freezing blocking the airflow due to faulty evap temp sensor. 

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