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How To Clean The Egr Valve (1.6 Tdci)


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I've tried searching to no avail.

Does anyone have any instructions on a step-by-step guide to clean the EGR valve in a 2006 1.6TDCi Focus please?

I've a feeling mine needs doing - it seems quite sluggish in acceleration, particularly in the higher rev range, and I also notice a faint "pinking" sound on acceleration. The other day it was extremely bad - almost like "kangeroo petrol" and acceleration was practically non-existent with very little power (similar to a slipping clutch but without the revs shooting up). After about 10 mins of "blasting" it with higher revs its seemed to go away. I've also put some injector cleaner in the tank, so perhaps this has helped.

Are these symptoms typical of a EGR valve that needs cleaning?

If not, does anyone have any other suggestions please?


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