Dinitrol underbody protective paint any good?

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My 2013 Ford Fiesta ST is still in good condition and a joy to drive. I am looking to protect the car and eventually store away due it being a future retro classic. I've been looking at underseal aerosols is this product any good Also is it easy to apply yourself by climbing under the car? I have a set of ramps.

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I should hope its still in good condition, it's only 5 years old lol. If you really are looking at storing it away for 30 years (I don't think it will be worth much more than it is now until then), you're best off getting it professionally done. I've under-sealed cars with mates and it just doesn't last. We didn't remove all the rust properly and eventually just ate the sub-frame to bits and was easier just to scrap the car. The aerosol cans are ok for little touch ups to get you through an MOT, but aren't really economical to do a whole car.

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